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Mwenge – Plot No 68/75 DSM, Tanzania +255 755 364 390


Hope 4 Young Girls takes a rights-based approach to adolescent girls and young women’s, education, economic empowerment and protection against gender-based violence. We focus on enabling adolescent girls and young women to pursue their dreams by eliminating the barriers they face and ensuring that our activities and programs are innovative, evidence-based and sustainable.

Our Programs

Hope 4 Young Girls embraces an intersectional approach and focuses on 4 core issues impacting adolescent girls , young women and communities. Hope 4 Young Girls are fighting for equity in Education, Economic empowerment, Gender based violence and Engaging community.


Lack of access to education and poor quality can undermine girls’ potential to reach their dreams. Hope 4 Young Girls provides girls and young women with safe, quality educational opportunities that can help them learn the skills they need to survive and thrive.

How we do it

  • Removing the barriers that prevent girls from attending school and ensuring they are safe.
  • Creating friendly environment for learning by renovating girls’ dormitories and create safe spaces.
  • Providing self-awareness education that ensure girls have positive social connections and role models.
  • Provide school kits for girls and means of transport for those who are walking 15km to school.
  • Providing sexual reproductive health awareness for girls in and out of school
  • Empowering girls and boys through sports to achieve gender equality

Economic Empowerment

Most of organization in Tanzania focuses on girls and young women economic and gender equality Education, Hope 4 Young Girls provides entrepreneurship skills and direct assistance for  girls and young women as they try to support their families and we work to improve livelihoods opportunities for long-term economic wellbeing.

How we do it

  • Providing adolescent girls and young women with equitable access to information, skills training, capital support so that they can meet their basic needs.
  • Addressing social norms that underpin and maintain gender inequalities and cause increased risks of violence to economically empowered girls and young women.
  • Working with government, local nonprofit organizations to encourage and actively promote girls and young women’s safe economic empowerment.

Gender based Violence

Gender-based violence can include sexual, physical, mental and economic harm, This can take many forms such as sexual violence, child marriage, female genital mutilation and domestic violence.

How we do it

  • Provide awareness education which protect the rights and well-being of adolescent girls and young women.
  • Reducing the risk of GBV by supporting young women economically
  • Use of story telling and paper writing .
  • Ensuring all survivors of GBV have adequate and timely access to quality services that meet their needs.