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Mwenge – Plot No 68/75 DSM, Tanzania +255 755 364 390


Tuanzie Nyumbani Campaign

Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania came with the program titled TUANZIE NYUMBANI, a Swahili name which means LET’S BEGIN AT HOME. This is a program aims to reach out the community at the appropriate residence to break women’s violence by empowering them economically and to bring parents and guardians to be aware of the challenges they face in raising children especially young girls and all together to know how we can work to solve them. So far 8 programs have been done in areas such as Mwenge, Kigogo in Dar es Salaam and Kisarawe in coastal region. Tuanzie Nyumbani aims at empowering women, strengthening families and preventing child abuse and neglect and make sure that children could be able to share ideas with their parents and simplify child growth in a respectable manner that could be learnt by neighbors and to their fellow children’s.

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