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“People think being nice is the same as being kind, but that isn’t true. Niceness is a personality trait; it’s being pleasant and agreeable. Kindness, on the other hand, is an action. It’s something we do for others without expecting anything in return #Kuwa Mkarimu Kila Unapoweza“ Salama Kikudo – Hope 4 Young Girls Executive Director

MWEZI WA UKARIMU (Kindness Month) is the campaign which takes place every December since 2017, whose main aim is to help the people who are not directly involved in our target group but are in need too. This campaign operates to support underprivileged people including the disabled, patients in hospitals, orphans and widows. Hope 4 Young Girls always does this by engaging different Companies, NGO’s, Embassies and individual people who are willing to contribute stuff, money, gifts to the targeted people for the purpose of helping and making them feel better.


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