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Mwenge – Plot No 68/75 DSM, Tanzania +255 755 364 390
About us

Hope for Young Girls Tanzania

Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania (H4YGT) is a registered non- government and not for profit organization that helps and empowers the most disadvantaged Tanzanian adolescent girls and young women in the areas of Education, Economic Empowerment and prevent them against gender based violence by engaging the community. We empower adolescent girls and young women to become leaders, independent, confident and to experience life to the fullest. It is an opportunity to prepare them for life’s demands through educative and experiential opportunities, which they would not have otherwise.


To build and restore adolescent girls and young women’s rights through Raising awareness, Education, Economic Empowerment, Gender based violence and Community Engagement.


Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania envisions a society where young people take initiative for a society change

Our Values

Core values of Hope for Young Girls that align with our organization's mission to empower young girls in Tanzania:


We believe that kindness is a powerful force for change.


We celebrate and honor the diversity of creative voices within our organization and community.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty and truthfulness in all our actions and communications

Transparency & Accountability

We prioritize open and honest communication within our organization

Rights & Participation

H4YGT is committed to upholding the rights of adolescent girls and young women and ensuring their active participation in decisions that affect their lives.

Gender Equality

Equal access to opportunities in various areas of life, such as education, employment, leadership roles, and decision-making processes.

Meet Our team

We truly believe in the power of our committed team

Our team are committed to staying at the forefront of their organization and have been instrumental in achieving every milestone since our inception by delivering value and impact-driven solutions for our community

Salama Kikudo
Executive Director
Janet John
Programs & Partnership Manager
Latifa Sheja
Finance Officer
Latifa Kijazi
Project Coordinator
Loveness Mongi
Communication Coordinator
Godrick Shango
Assistant Project Coordinator
Office Administrator
Lisa Patrick
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer


Miriam Sebastian

Community volunteer

Farida Ally

Community volunteer

Sudy Lugazo

Community volunteer