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Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania (H4YGT) is a small and growing nonprofit organization that helps and empowers the most disadvantaged Tanzanian girls in the areas of health, education, and sports.

Our target group is girls aged 11 to 19. We focus on raising awareness on various risks factors faced by teenage girls such as a lack of education regarding their basic rights, sexual matters, and lack of peer and adult support. All of these can make them vulnerable to sexual, physical and psychological abuse, adolescent pregnancy and HIV infections. Our mission is to provide practical support through education and peer support to improve young girls' quality of life, advance their rights, and give them a chance for a better future.

H4YGT was founded in 2011 with a very specific ethos: to empower young girls through education & social support and to ensure that supporters' donations go directly to the services they need.

We achieve our goals with the help of corporate and private support, and the generosity of its volunteers and friends who provide both their time and financial support.

Our Mission
  • To change the passive culture among young girls by helping them learn to secure a honorable existence in
    their social & economic environment, and to play an active role in future leadership.
  • To understand the history and philosophy of young girls to properly assess their needs and shape our support according to those needs.
  • To prevent adolescent pregnancy and HIV infection by providing education and social support.
  • To improve the quality of life and advance the rights of girls.
  • To bring about positive change on the lives of girls and encourage them to participate in processes which
    enhances awareness of their rights and provides with the needed social support.
  • Wherever possible to provide practical support which allows girls to acquire positive influences and role
    models with in their own families and communities.

Our Aims
At Hope 4 Young Girls we focus on helping vulnerable girls. This is achieved through providing, promoting, and advancing girl’s rights to basic necessities, including education, which is aimed at sustaining their long term social development.

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